baba jee traders

Founder Ghullam Muhammad

Haji Ghulam Muhammad is the founder of Baba Jee Traders who laid down the foundation of Factory in Faisalabad for Sesame Seeds .The procedure of removal pericarp was manual. With passage of time latest machinery was introduced now Alhamdulillah Baba Jee Traders use the up to date technology according to healthy procedure with well trained staff. Baba Jee traders is an icon name in Faisalabad for the business of Sesame Seeds. We are dealing in retail business and wholesale business in seeds especially Sesame Seeds .We will feel proud if you contact to us for sales and purchase regarding our business. Sesame Seeds Exporters, Exporters Sesame Seeds Products Sesame seeds exporters in India are always selling natural sesame seeds products at most suitable prices and into best quality pieces. This is the reason exporters of sesame seeds in India like us have become so popular across nation and overseas too. We are reliable dealer of sesame seeds in Faisalabad checking each product on different quality parameters before it is given to end-users or clients.